Argo pole-top (BP28) - BP28
Street lighting system for use with LEDs, metal halide, sodium discharge and fluorescent lamps. Fitting has an optical assembly, pole and pole-top. Die-cast aluminium optical assembly and lid; sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, thickness of 5mm; 50 Shore black silicone gasket; polished anodized reflector made of 99.93% super pure aluminium. Die-cast aluminium pole-top with diameters of 60/76/102/120mm for single and double attachments and 102/120mm for triple attachments. Die-cast aluminium lateral attachment for tapered poles with diameters from 46mm to 76mm. No upward emission of light flow. Adjustable optical assembly. High visual comfort. High performance optics (Opti Smart) and uniform light distribution. No photobiological risk. This luminaire is in the “Exempt Group” (no risk linked to infrared, blue light and UV radiation) in accordance with EN 62471:2008. The luminaire's luminous flux emission is fully programmable, directly from the product driver. The driver allows the use of 3 fixed profiles (1/2/3) and one variable profile (4) for different lumen output levels and powers: Profile 1 fixed to 350mA Profile 2 fixed to 450mA Profile 3 fixed to 525mA Profile 4 variable to 350mA Compatible with telemanagement systems thanks to “Power Supply", dual-operation Flux regulator and “LED Driver DALI” (0-10V/1-10V) compatible with systems on the market. Common mode surge protection up to 10KV. An active control system modifies the current intensity to preserve the luminous efficacy and the lifetime of the LEDs under any ambient temperature. Replaceable LED unit. Replaceable driver unit and control gear. All external screws are in stainless steel.

Argo pole-top (BP28) - BP28

Артикул: BP28
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ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Бренд-Iguzzini-1;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Материал корпуса-Алюминиевый сплав-7;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=КПД, лм/Вт-99-10;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Потребляемая мощность, Вт-38-11;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Цвет излучения-Белый (2000K 3000K 4000K)-13;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Световой поток, лм-3810-14;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Степень защиты-IP66-16;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Источник света-LED-19;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Цвет корпуса-Черный, Серый-22;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Длина, мм-369-23;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Высота, мм-244-24;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Ширина, мм-369-25;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Гарантийный срок эксплуатации, год -5-26;