Anello (ABD3) - ABD3
LED urban lighting system with an optical assembly and pole. Optical assembly consists of: cast aluminium structure with glossy black powder coating external screen in transparent methacrylate black pyramid-shaped internal decorative parts optical assembly with monochromatic warm white LEDs for general lighting, and monochromatic neutral white LEDs for illuminating the decorative parts. Pole made of EN 10025-S235JR, 70 micron hot galvanized steel, with a powder coated surface finish; conical shape (ø110-70mm) and a height of 3340mm; complete with flush lid (200x75mm) and ground anchoring plate (280x280mm). The pole is fitted with an internal grounding system, grounding lug, insert and screw. Replaceable LED unit. Electronic power supply housed inside the product. Product supplied with outgoing cable. Upper fork in hot galvanized steel and powder coating, complete with turned welded pole-top.

Anello (ABD3) - ABD3

Артикул: ABD3
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ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Бренд-Iguzzini-1;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Материал корпуса-Сталь-7;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=КПД, лм/Вт-53-10;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Потребляемая мощность, Вт-52-11;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Цвет излучения-Белый (2000K 3000K 4000K)-13;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Световой поток, лм-2800-14;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Степень защиты-IP55-16;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Источник света-LED-19;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Цвет корпуса-Серый-22;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Длина, мм-900-23;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Высота, мм-3600-24;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Ширина, мм-900-25;ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ:1=Гарантийный срок эксплуатации, год -5-26;